Marriage Counseling Questions That Work

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Help your relationship with free marriage counseling questions from Rachael Tasker. According to the recent studies, it has revealed that the United States is the leading country when it comes to a high divorce rate. Divorce is neither easy nor expensive. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure that you are ready to give up before taking the step, as it is not simple to turn back after making the decision.

The following are helpful marriage counseling questions which can enable you to make a wise decision when you are on the crossroad:

· How do you sincerely feel about the relationship?

You might be feeling that the relationship can be saved. But, your partner might be thinking that the relationship cannot be saved. If you go with your spouse for counseling, there are high chances of leaving something to work on. However, you need to know your important stand when it comes to making things work.

What are the most crucial issues?

As a couple, it is important to fully understand the most critical marriage problems. In addition to that, you need to be willing to discuss those issues with the counselor.

Are you ready for a divorce?

If you are worried that your relationship cannot be saved, the most obvious counseling question is whether you still want to stay together or not. It is worth giving a chance to counseling as a way of saving your marriage from divorce unless both of you gives a yes to divorce.

Are we going through a bad phase?

There are phases in which all relationships undergoes. Depending on what your relationship is undergoing at the time, you might fall in and out of the passionate love. When you are asking the marriage counseling questions, you need to examine the issues. This will enable you to know if you are going through a bad phase or your relationship has gone bad.

best marriage counseling questions

Which type of love are you feeling?

One of the basic marriage counseling questions is to ask your love if he or she loves you. Even though it is very easy to fall in and out of love, the love of a true marriage is deeper. Therefore, it is worth to continue working on the relationship if your spouse still has lasting and deep feelings for you. The start of trouble is when one stops caring.

Have you ever decide on having an affair?

According to the MSNBC survey, approximately one out of five adults is cheating their current partner. Fortunately, your spouse may save the situation by going into counseling so as to get a good chance of working things out.

Are there conflicts of the past which needs to be solved?

If there are unresolved conflicts, it is very hard to move ahead. In fact, the past will keep coming in upcoming arguments. If you are still angry about something they have done, it is very hard to get close to your spouse. Hence, you need to find ways of improving your communication with one another by not getting angry.

In conclusion, the highlighted are marriage counseling questions. Therefore, you need to go through them as a couple and you will have a happy relationship.  For good quality relationship advice visit

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