Marriage problems? Surviving cranberry sauce and in-laws

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Thanksgiving TurkeyWhile Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, many of us don’t know the first thing about cooking a turkey, making cranberry sauce, or even baking an apple pie. Nevertheless, we all certainly try, don’t we?

Let’s start with the cranberry sauce. There’s definitely an allure, especially when it comes to that canned delicacy with the ridges on the sides. The way it jiggles on the platter is second to none, but there is more to cranberry sauce than that.

There’s actually such a thing as homemade cranberry sauce, and it’s easy to make! There are so many varieties: vanilla chai, bacon-date, merlot, caramelized onion, and maple-miso are just a few. Learn to make cranberry sauce from scratch and you might actually alleviate some of your marriage problems!

Wondering how? First of all, you might actually impress your mother-in-law. Second, you’ll be considered a star cook! If you’re looking for other ways to survive Thanksgiving – or any other holiday – with your in-laws, keep these tips in mind:

  • Although you may be screaming on the inside, stay calm on the outside! Don’t blow your top or let anxiety get the better of you. Have a plan in place to channel your inner calm, and have an extra glass of wine.
  • Kill them… with kindness. Otherwise, you’ll be spending the holidays in prison! Don’t bust out your sarcastic remarks, and keep those backhanded compliments to yourself. Just be as sweet as the apple pie you’re served a la mode.
  • Know how to escape. Have an exit strategy in place so that you can make an early exit if you have to. Discuss this plan with your spouse ahead of time. Of course, if you’re the hosts, you might just have to suck it up!
  • Smile, smile, smile, and know it will all be over soon. Although the holidays with your in-laws might feel like torture, it is only temporary (unless you’ve decided to move in with them!) So, plaster a smile on your face and know that it will all be over soon.

What are your strategies for surviving the holidays with your in-laws? Have you been known to disappear on a long walk or volunteer to do the dishes just to avoid making small talk at the table?

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