Premarital Counseling Questions That Gives Success

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Hi, my name is Sheri Smith, I am from Chicago, Illinois USA and soon I am getting married for the first time in my life, so I decided to go for marriage counseling. But I have no experience in this, so can you share few premarital counseling questions that my counselor could ask in the session?

Hey Sheri, if you have some doubt or dilemma related to marriage, then visiting a marriage counselor is a good decision and I really appreciate your decision. Talking about those premarital counseling questions that counselor may ask, then we may have a long list for this, but following are top 5 premarital counseling questions that every counselor ask in this type of consoling

Are you living together: This is one of the most common premarital counseling questions that every counselor may ask before starting the counseling session. So, if you are going to for the premarital counseling, then you may need to answer this question so stay prepared for this question. Also, when you answer this question then make sure you share only truth but nothing else for the best suggestion

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Do you have religious harmony: Sometime religious differences can create a big problem in marriages and it can lead the relationship to divorce as well. So, in premarital counseling questions counselor always ask this question and give you suggestions accordingly. Also, if they find that you do not have any kind of religious harmony with your partner, then first they suggest you to develop the religious understanding and then only they would recommend you to get married.

What is the importance of money in your marriage: Money is another important factor that can affect the marriage and that’s why a counselor would ask you for the importance of money as well in your relationship. Indeed, in most of the cases you will say that it is not important for you, but here it is important that you say the truth to yourself and you go ahead for the relationship accordingly.

Are you really committed for the relationship: This is a very important question that you need to ask from yourself before taking the decision for marriage and counselor will also suggest you to do this. If you are not one hundred percent sure about your commitment of marriage and if you don’t want to keep it till last breath, then a counselor would not recommend you to go ahead for the marriage in any condition. Therefore, when you give answer to this question, then make sure you answer it candidly.

What you expect from your marriage: This is a final question that your counselor may ask form you in this premarital counseling session. In this particular question you need to answer all those things that you expect from your marriage. Also, if your counselor will find that your expectations are non practical, then counselor may suggest you to change your expectations accordingly. So, make sure you give this answer as well without adding any false information in it.

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