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My partner says that I have become boring and that she needs me to put some pep back into our relationship. I still love her greatly and I know she loves me. I have been working a lot lately to make ends meet. What relationship advice can you give me so I can put the spice back into our relationship?

Dear Bruce,

First of all congratulations on being man enough seek out relationship advice. The good thing is, as you pointed out is that you both still love each other. This is immensely important. If you find yourself working more than your usual hours the first thing you need to do is talk to your partner. Partners want to be informed of what their other half is doing. Make her a part of the process. This is what she wants, to be a part of your life.

Below is some specific relationship advice for you.

Timing –

As the saying goes timing is everything. Therefore set aside some time for your partner that is free from disturbances and interruptions. When you are finished with work, be finished with work. Leave your work at work and arrive home free to spend time with your partner.

Spontaneity –

Be creative, free, and spontaneous with your partner. When you come in from work or from being away from home, bring something with you. Look for something that includes her interests, something that will engage her. This will remind her that you are concerned about her and want to share things with her.

relationship advice to improve couples passion

Surprises –

It’s important to surprise your partner. This means sometimes you need to do things that have not been planned out in advance. For example, instead of her cooking or cooking together (which you should be doing by the way), tell her to you want to take her out. If she asks ‘what is the occasion?’ tell her; ‘the occasion is you’ or ‘I want to show you off to the world.’ Be firm but gentle and don’t take no for an answer. Tell her she can dress casual. The important thing is to get her out. Keep her entertained with humor, quip observations of your surroundings, etc. Speak to whoever is serving you and tell them ‘I’m here to treat my beautiful wife/girlfriend/lover/etc. to dinner’. Show her off. She will love you for it.

Presents –

Women love presents. So bring them home. Obviously you can’t always go out to eat, so bring something home with you as a treat instead. Things like chocolate, candies, pastries, etc. Remember this advice: flowers always go over well. If you are on tight budget, do not underestimate the effect of a single rose or carnation. Remember it is the thought that counts.

Romance –

Though there is not enough space to cover the bedroom as it relates to relationship advice, this is an important aspect of any relationship, and should not be overlooked. One most men fail to realize is that their partners want affection without expectation. That is to say they want their partners to be affection but no just for sex. In other words kiss her or touch her because she is beautiful or because she is your partner not just because you want to have sex with her. Get it?

That’s it. Now it’s up to you to put this relationship advice to work.

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