Relationship advice for women: dealing with the football season

dreamstime_17558329If your husband or boyfriend is an avid football fan, you probably already know that the Pittsburgh Steelers creamed the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in a 51-34 victory. The home game had the crowds at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh going crazy!

The Steelers have been looking for a little legitimacy this season, and they certainly got it with this win, thanks to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s virtuoso performance consisting of 522 yards passing, six touchdowns, and his 100th victory.

It was a prolific day in NFL history, to say the least. At least that’s what your guy will tell you if you don’t know the first thing about football.

One unparalleled bit of relationship advice for women is, when it comes to football, just nod your head and smile. If you’re a girl that enjoys a good football game from time to time, you’re pretty much set. But there are lots of ladies out there that couldn’t care less – and that’s a problem.
Football season, after all, can take its toll on couples.

Making a touchdown this football season

There aren’t a whole lot of columns focusing on “relationship advice for women who don’t like football but their husbands do.” But, if you want to make it past the Super Bowl this season, here are some tips on how to make it through:

  • Don’t make him choose. If you’re giving him the old “football-or-me” ultimatum, you may want to reconsider your game plan. This can push him away from you and it also breeds resentment. Would you want him doing this to you when it comes to something you really enjoy doing? Don’t make him choose, let him watch the game.
  • Do something for yourself. There’s nothing that says you have to sit and watch the game, especially if you can’t stand football! Find something that you really enjoy and do it while your guy watches the game. There is no rule that says you have to do everything together all of the time!
  • Don’t forget to hang out together. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open and to spend time together – just do it when the game isn’t on. Keep date night in the mix, just not on Sundays, Monday nights, or Thursdays! (Or Saturdays if he’s into college football!)

And who knows, have you actually given football a chance? Why not go to a game or watch next time and give it a shot! You might just have found something else you two have in common!

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