Relationship suggestions for doctors’ wives

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Doctor with tablet computerThis week marks the birthday of Jonas Salk, the man who developed the polio vaccine all those years ago. Salk was born in New York City on October 28, 1914.

In recent weeks, we’ve been bombarded with news of the Ebola outbreak in Africa making its way across the ocean and into the United States. We’re hearing of mandatory quarantines for healthcare workers who are returning from the West African countries plagued by the disease.

All of this news regarding the risks to those in the medical profession might trigger some anxiety in doctors’ spouses. What if your spouse was exposed to Ebola? Although most doctors won’t be treating Ebola patients – or polio, for that matter – the wives of doctors could always use some relationship suggestions to make it through the day.

Is all that glitters really gold?

Your grandmother might have always said that she hoped you’d grow up and “marry a nice doctor”. Is all that glitters really gold when it comes to marrying someone in the medical profession? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Becoming a doctor’s wife comes with all sorts of things that you might not have expected as well as its own set of stereotypes you’ll have to battle. The thing to remember is that you married for love, and as long as that is there at the end of the day, that’s all that matters!

Common misconceptions about doctors’ wives

One common misconception regarding doctors’ wives is that they are snobby, unapproachable, high-society women who spend all day wearing designer shoes and doing charitable work. While this might be true in some cases, most doctors’ wives are regular women just like you. They have to figure out the carpool, plan dinners, make lunches, and keep it together. They just happen to be married to a doctor. Another misconception is that doctors’ wives are frazzled single-mothers-that-can’t-date who are resentful when it comes to their husbands.

Here are some sound relationship suggestions for women who are married to doctors:

  • Remember that you probably couldn’t do his job, but he couldn’t do yours, either. The two of you balance each other out. Don’t forget it.
  • There will be times when you are lonely, but don’t assume he doesn’t miss you. When you are alone, he might be in a clinic, dealing with a sick patient, charting, doing rounds, or performing surgery. These things aren’t necessarily more attractive or appealing than you!
  • You might need to attend school functions, holiday gatherings, family gatherings, and vacations alone because he is on call. This is just part of the job. Don’t take it personally and remember that the precious time you have together is what makes your relationship special.

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