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My name is Peter and I live in Washington DC with my wife of 10 years and our two children. Recently, our church pastor invited us to a seminar on couples counseling. Apparently, we are among the main speakers during the event. We have accepted the invitation but since this will be our first time to speak in such a forum, I am requesting for guidance on how to prepare for this event. More specifically, what are some of the things that I need to factor in my speech? How should we handle ourselves during the event?


First, congratulations for your selection to speak in a couples counseling seminar. It is indeed an onerous task. You might feel overwhelmed by the calling. But, let me help you with preparing yourself for the seminar.

Know the problems couples face

During couples counseling sessions, the speakers usually start with presentations on the challenges couples face today. You have been in marriage for ten years and you pretty know some of the salient problems couples face. These range from finances, the kids, relatives, chores among others. Your presentation also needs to give practical solutions especially from your marital life on the challenges. While preparing your script, remember that most of the people at the event are seeking solutions to their marriage issues. Be as candid as possible when you dissect the problems the 21st century couple faces.

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Do not tug the children along

Some couples take their children along when they have been invited to couples counseling seminars. This is not proper. Your children unless married themselves, will not be comfortable in such an environment. Unless the child is very young such that it cannot be left at home with a responsible adult, just leave them at home. If you have been invited and your wife was not, it is courteous to go with her. In your case, the two of you were invited and this is certainly very thoughtful of your pastor. You need someone who will give you firsthand assessment of your presentation. Your wife certainly fits this bill.

The presentation itself

During the presentation, there are some things worth doing. First, you need to employ various language devices to drive your message home. Remember that your audience has people you can identify with and therefore you will strike a rapport. Another thing is make sure that you use appropriate body language and other non-verbal communication techniques to effectively deliver the message. You must have prepared well in advance for the presentation so that you instill confidence in your audience. When you are through with the presentation, answer the questions the participants will ask you skillfully. Again, this is another reason why your pastor chose you. He believes you are well grounded on marriage issues to be invited as guest speakers during the occasion.

These are some of the most important aspects to consider as you prepare for the couples counseling seminar. It is my sincere hope that you have gained some tips on where to start as you get ready to help other couples lead a meaningful marriage life.

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