5 keys to a successful long distance relationship

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successful long distance relationshipI’m a 22 year old girl studying medicine in Texas. Last year I had the most amazing vacation in Miami where I found the love of my life. We fell in love over the 2 weeks we spent there and had the most wonderful time! He is a software engineer from Wisconsin which is almost at the opposite end of the country from me so we have established a long distance relationship. Although we love each other more than anything else, since we can’t meet more often than twice a month, I feel like we are drifting apart. I try to be online with him as much as I can, but due to my heavy workload, it is getting more difficult for me to find more time for him. Please help me save this long distance relationship as I don’t want to lose him over anything.

Everyone knows that long distance relationships are difficult. In fact, some may even say they never survive and that the break-up rate is too high. But, is this really true? Is being far away from a significant other, enough a reason for your relationship to scatter into pieces? It is definitely not! Simple adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle may be the key of success to your long distance bond. As you may already know, a major portion of the language of love is governed by acts of service.

What are acts of service?

These are different means by which you can express your endless devotion and passion to your loved one. The fondness you share with him can truly be expressed better by actions, rather than words. Some may even define these acts as a language of love. When you think of it, there indeed is no better language to show your appreciation to him than offering him some acts of service! Although it seems like a complex and tedious task, it really is simple. All you need to do is being vigilant for his needs and when you detect one, you merely do it for him, no complaining or criticizing. Let’s take this a step ahead, and correlate this technique with your situation.

Spend all your free time together

As you are already aware, you are missing out on most of the important moments in each other’s life by continuing this relationship. So, the best gift you can give him is being with him as much as you can, if possible every weekend and every vacation. Obviously, you may have other important issues that you have to attend to, such as family, friends, banking, housework, laundry and many more! But it is essential that you prioritize your work and he should be at the top of the list, or at least somewhere really close to the top! As your biggest concern is missing each other, this alone will be a crucial act of service.

Surprise him!

Nothing can defeat a surprise visit by you when he gets back home, exhausted after work! That smile on his face alone is priceless, isn’t it? You can make him even more surprised by going that extra mile and tidying his place up, so that you can have your wonderful time together in a more peaceful environment. You can also help him with his laundry, cook him a meal or two and give his apartment a brand new outlook which shouts out your name whenever he’s lonely when you’re gone! Your love for each other will grow unbelievably and you will definitely have a breathtaking time in bed, that’s for sure!

Communicating through the distance

A successful long distance relationship is all about good communication! With all these advances in technology, what can’t you do online nowadays? Keeping each other informed is vital, but more importantly, you can help each other via the internet. Helping him with his projects will help your bond grow further. Similarly, you can ask him to help you out with your difficult assignments. These acts will surely help you through this difficult time.

Get back together soon!

Finally, but most importantly, your ultimate goal should be to get rid of this distance between you permanently! Although we talked about how to find success in your long distance relationship, these are very temporary measures. A significant period of time in the distance can drift you two apart involuntarily and no one can undo it when that happens. So, your future plans should be made around him and if he isn’t willing to change his location, you may have to sacrifice yours just to be with him. This alone would be a worthy act of service that you will never regret doing!

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