Top 1000 Questions For Couples

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One of the best ways to keep the fire in your relationship is to spend time with each other and ask questions to get a better understanding of each other.  This can be accomplished by first deciding what kind of questions to ask your spouse or soul mate.  These questions can be fun questions, funny questions or even romantic questions.  Time should be set aside to spend it with each other so that these questions will not be rushed. You can pick up a copy of the best 1000 questions for couples here.We also received these key questions from some of our readers and it may be of benefit to you in some way.

Question 1

John, Boston Massachusetts: I was once convicted of a crime that I did not do. Should I tell my future life partner about that part of my life?

Answer: Regardless of whether you were guilty of a crime or not, you need to confess about your imprisonment. How would you feel if your partner kept such a big secret from you, and then you discovered it later on?

The truth will always come out. It is much better coming from you, so that you get a chance to tell your side of the story. Your future life partner has the right to make personal decisions with regard to your criminal record. Lying about it may end up causing a very bitter split when your lies are discovered.

Question 2

Anne, New York City, New York: My boyfriend lives in Texas. He has just proposed. However, we now both live on different sides of the country and cannot stay together for the next two years at least because of work commitments. Can a long distance marriage work?

Answer: Long distance relationships are hard, but not impossible to maintain. You will both need to have a high level of trust in order for your marriage to succeed. You will also need to communicate with each other as often as possible to maintain your intimacy. It is important for both of you to take time to meet and spend quality time together to keep the marriage going.

In order for both of you to keep the marriage stable in the long term, one of you will have to compromise on where you are going to live.

one thousand questions for couples

Question 3

George, Los Angeles, California: My fiancée and I are from different races and cultures. My family has been difficult. Everyone refuses to accept her. Should we go ahead with the wedding regardless?

Answer: If you feel that your fiancée is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, then marry her. Your life is important too, and you deserve to be happy with the woman you love.

Keep extending an olive branch, but make sure your family knows that your fiancée is your priority. They need to understand that you will be with her, regardless of their opinions.

Question 4

Elizabeth, Chicago, Illinois: My boyfriend cheated on me. I forgave him, but I still suspect that he is still cheating. He recently proposed. Should I accept his offer?

Answer: The fact that you are in doubt about the proposal from your boyfriend says it all. That may be your gut instinct letting you know that your relationship is all wrong.

If you forgave your boyfriend and he is still cheating, that means that he does not respect you at all. Things may be worse after you are married, because chronic cheaters never change. You may want to confirm whether he is cheating or not, then make a decision that is right for you.

Question 5

Jake, Houston, Texas: I recently met a wonderful girl. However, she has a history. She used to be a prostitute. Should I continue to date her?

Answer: That depends. Are you are saint? Let her tell her side of the story. Women do not become prostitutes for fun. Circumstances may have forced her to join the profession. If she is a good woman, with dignity, and who no longer sleeps with other men, you may be on to a good thing. Unless you are as pure and white as snow, you should not judge her just yet!

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