Understanding the Importance of Pre-Marriage Counseling

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I am planning on getting married to a woman that I have been with for the past three years. We do have a few issues here and there but I do not think it is anything serious. Part of this involves how we are uncertain as to how we are going to get a new home to live in. We have our own conflicting ideas on what to do in this case. We have heard stories about pre-marriage counseling but are uncertain as to whether or not it is right for us. What is it about counseling that makes it worthwhile?

Robert S., Greensboro, NC

A Necessity For All New Couples


While many couples like to believe that they are ready to take the plunge and get married, there are many obstacles and blocks that can get in the way of a healthy relationship. It does not take much time for some of these issues to manifest themselves. The use of pre-marriage counseling will be critical to all couples that want to get into the best possible relationships. It helps to assist couples by identifying the potential problems that they may have before anything serious may occur during a marriage. After all, the last thing you want is to get into troubles in a relationship over things like how to cook dinner.

premarriage counseled couple

It Find Problems Beforehand

Pre-marriage counseling can be offered by a therapist who has been approved of by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. The therapist will discuss many points with a couple including the needs that it might have and how its needs are to be met over time. Much of this entails understanding what a couple will require over time and how to meet the needs that it has. Part of this comes with a full understanding of the individual visions that you and your partner might have.

Creative Solutions Are Offered

One fascinating aspect of this type of therapy involves the creation of different resource maps. These involve the resources that each person in a relationship has plus how these will assist anyone in managing different issues and struggles that may come about over time. If such solutions are established in the long run then it should be rather easy for a couple to get to its goal of having a better relationship that both sides can feel comfortable and happy with.

Every Topic Is Covered

The best part about engaging in pre-marriage counseling is that you and your spouse will discuss many aspects of a marriage that go well beyond just finding a home and resolving differences with regards to getting a property. It may also entail a plan for resolving issues that the couple might have with regards to their values, money, making the right decisions, the potential of starting a family, taking care of anger issues and knowing how much time people can spend together with one another. If a couple is fully aware of what it has to do then it should not be much of a hassle for a couple to reach its goals with regards to having a healthy and sensible marriage that both sides can be proud to have and be a part of.

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