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I am a young man who just finished college two years ago and immediately started working. I am employed in a family company, where my work is needed and the business looks prosperous. In other words, my career is on the right path, and I have no doubt that I will continue to grow as a professional. At the same time, my emotional life is in a quagmire and definitely isn’t growing. I meet girls and enter short relationships (not often, because I’m not a kind of person which is thrilled with going out to clubs and etc.), but find it hard to keep on to them, or developed any kind of lasting intimacy. I don’t think I am resting a stable, long-term relationship, but I think there is something substantial which is blocking me in this matter, both emotionally and intimately. What should I be doing differently to find my piece of love in the place where I reside, and are there some relationship guidance information I should know about? Luke, Junction City, Kansas.

Accepting the Need for Love

Love is a definitely a thing which can a lot of times seem like it vanished without a trace. But, it is important to know that even when all in our emotional lives seems very difficult, there is always the capacity for change and improvement. There are several relationship guidance tips which might be useful in your case, but the most important you already did – you reached out for help. Understanding that you truly desire to be with somebody and that you might need help with this quest is crucial. A person who isn’t asking for advice can receive any, so you already accomplished the hard part.

Understand Yourself

This relationship guidance advice is actually really tricky, although it doesn’t seem this way. But, before you can share your life with someone, you should be aware of your own self, both intellectual and emotional. What is the thing you are looking for in a partner, and what are the things that you find unwelcome? Often, these things might seem confusing or contradictory, because the popular culture like TV and movies teaches us that we all should look for certain things: a beautiful face, a sleek figure and other stuff like this. In fact, you are free to like or dislike anything in others, but you first must know what is driving you on the inside.

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Be Open

Dating world might seem like a terrible maze full of pitfalls and dark corners to those of us who think that they have a hard time forming a connection. In your case, it seems like you really don’t look forward to dating and doing similar things. But, bars or nightclubs aren’t the only places where you can meet women. A solid relationship guidance advice would be to just remain open about your desire to form a relationship and meet someone. This way a totally chance encounter in a supermarket aisle could prove to be the love of your life, but you have to be open about noticing it and embracing it.

Have Patience

Now, after all these relationship advice ideas, you might think that is only a question of time before you meet that perfect lady. Well, this is true, but the actual day count remains under question; it might take 10 days or 10 months, so you should be patient and relaxed about it. Feeling the pressure from false deadlines won’t help you one bit. Instead of that, cherish your life and your youth, and you will find your love in no time at all.

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