Getting back together after relationship problems

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Young guitar player performing in night clubIt looks like Robert Plant didn’t really rip up a potentially lucrative contract for a rumored Led Zeppelin reunion tour. This is according to a one-word statement released by his official spokesperson.

What was that single word that shut it down? “Rubbish.” Despite any past relationship problems the guys might have had, Zeppelin fans could soon be treated to the reunion tour to top all reunion tours! We’ll just have to keep watching.

Getting back together – whether it’s with band-mates or an ex – can be a challenge, especially if the relationship was rocky. However, even the rockiest of relationships can be rekindled as long as you are smart about it. Here’s some relationship advice to help you pull it off:

  • Be brutally honest. After a break-up, it’s normal to miss all the good stuff, but lest we not forget all the bad stuff. If you want to seriously reconnect with your ex, be brutally honest with yourself and figure out why you want your ex back. Do you really miss each other, or do you just miss the companionship? If you find yourself falling back into old patterns, it might be best to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Practice being friends first. You already know how you are as lovers, but are you friends? One of the biggest relationship problems is that couples often aren’t each other’s friends. Friendship is a core element of any successful romance. Before getting back together, why not try things out as friends first and see how it goes?
  • Clear the air. There is almost certainly a reason that you broke up in the first place, and you really need to lay it out on the table. Discuss the issues from your first relationship and make an effort to identify why these issues occurred. If you are serious about rekindling the relationship, you need to focus on how you’re going to avoid previous mistakes and move on in a healthy way.
  • Take it slow. It’s never a good idea to jump back into things, especially when it comes to a romance with an ex. You cannot just pick up where you left off, and you’ve both probably changed since you were last together. Make an effort to get to know the people you’ve become and take everything slowly.

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