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Is it normal to have premarital counseling questions? After deciding finally about marriage I am dealing with some kind of stress, but how can handle my unattended stress which will have a devastating impact on my marriage? Now I am always feelings the situation of  To Be or Not To Be (Married)- please advise?

Dealing with stress in your marriage-

In every healthy relationship you are going to have to deal with some kind of stress, but how you handle it is going to depend on you and your spouse. If left unattended stress can have a devastating impact on your marriage.

Here are the premarital counseling questions for yourself to look for to indicate stress is starting to take place in your marriage.

-Trouble sleeping
-Poor appetite or a huge increase in your appetite
-Getting sick frequently, such as colds or flu
-Increase in arguments
-Sexual and intimacy problems
-Easily angered or irritated
-Low toleration level

If you notice any of these signs in either you or your spouse, you will need to take some preventive measures to help prevent the stress from building. The best thing that you can do is to take some time together to sit back and re-evaluate your life style and commitment to one another. When doing this you are going to want to do it in a positive way so that you are not creating more stress in your marriage. To help do this in a positive way you are going to want to point out to each other the areas of your marriage that are running smoothly.

Deal in a positive way-

Here are some premarital counseling questions answers for you that you can do to help deal with the stress in your marriage in a positive way.

-Eat healthy foods and eat in moderation
-Get enough sleep
-Drink plenty of water each day
-Exercise each day
-Have fun and try to laugh more often
-Spend time alone together as a couple
-Support each other during good and bad times

Remember every marriage is going to have some stress; you cannot get along perfectly all of the time. The key to having a healthy relationship is how you plans to handle the stresses involved in your marriage.

To Be or Not To Be (Married), That is the premarital counseling questions!-

Of course the answer is yes. I would have said that even if my wife didn’t read this column or even if I knew I’d be spending a lot of my night hours in the second bedroom if my answer wavered in the slightest degree. Given the choice between a life of solitude and gaiety or a union filled with flashing smiles in the hallway while getting ready for work, the smart money is on the latter. What’s not to love about cheery fleeting glances?

Never fear!-

Would I be able to say I just bought a new GE air conditioner for the master bedroom – which my wife and did purchase this weekend – if I wasn’t married? Would I even be able to say my apartment has a master bedroom, implying that another bedroom lurks nearby? Certainly not. What use would a bachelor have for a second bedroom? Guests don’t spend the night at a bachelor pad, unless a breakfast of cold pizza and beer is your usual morning fare.

Many of you have already made the decision to abandon your wicked bachelor ways and settle into a life of pure bliss. All right, maybe it’s not always pure, but you take your bliss anyway you can get it when you’re my age. To those of you who haven’t, I say, “Feh!” Just yesterday, at a lovely restaurant in our Kew Gardens, New York neighborhood, upon being presented with the check, my wife whipped out a handful of twenties. A blissful smile floated around my face. Of course, she was deducting the cost of the meal from the two hundred dollars she owed me for her half of the air conditioner, but for a brief moment, marital bliss ensconced my very aura. Then reality reared its ugly head. Reality has a way of keeping your bliss in check.

If you haven’t taken the plunge into marital rapture yet, never fear. Bliss has a way of sneaking up on you. It’s either that or a bellyful of fresh pizza talking, but I like to believe it’s the bliss.

Premarital counseling questions-
Premarital counseling questions should be specified sensible consideration before getting married, as relationship professional consent that too many couples fail to ask themselves and each other essential pre-marriage questions before marrying. People simply don’t learn enough about each other before they slip on the wedding band and find themselves disheartened with marriage, so some “getting to know you questions” are vital questions to ask your partner, and carefully listening to the answers can save you years of be disappointed and distress.

Every couple planning to tie the knot should have a set of premarital counseling questions ready so that they can know about concerns that will influence their life post marriage. Pre marriage questions are valuable for any couple maybe goes steady or even couples trying to take the decision though the concept of arranged marriage. However you might find this an eccentric concept, pre marriage questions can positively prove to be a benefit for those about to tie the knot. Take a glance of pre marriage questions, which can help you, sort out some essential matters.

Therefore, now what exactly are pre marriage questions and how do you know if it’s an appropriate question to ask? Pre marriage questions are commonly queries that help couples determine if they synchronize. These questions are generally taken by both partner’s initiative and desire. A few may be answerable by yes or no, yet there are those that are best answered along with some explanations.

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