Epic Love: Three Solid Bits of Premarital Advice for the Epically Challenged

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Epic Premarital AdviceMy husband of seven months and I are in the middle of a huge move. I was supposed to be packing, but instead found myself sitting among piles of packing peanuts and scrolling through Facebook. I found this article: “This Couple Got Married in 38 Countries Across the World.”

I was struck with how much more epic they are than us. I wanted to travel the world and do awesome air lifts too.

But we do have an epic love.

Since I’ve known him, hubs and I have lived by the rules of epic love. Below are the; three pieces of premarital advice to help you love epically through your engagement and marriage too.

1. Live Adventurously

Woodyard said that there is nothing better than traveling the world with the love of her life. My husband and I might not be able to do that yet, but we plan to have adventure. Our next one is a move from a tiny island to a city of 2.8 million people. Maybe your next adventure is trying a new restaurant, adopting a dog, or flying Southwest. If you believe that this is part of a greater journey, then the adventure doesn’t require a passport.

2. Create Scenes

Today, a person does not need anything more than a stick and a phone to capture a great moment. Get in as many of these moments as possible. Document little details and don’t just smile, but beam brightly together.

3. Dream Big

My husband and I have big dreams (he of growing his company, me of having an army of Roombas). We need to lean on each other to make them happen. Even if our dreams aren’t the same, our direction is due North. If you don’t know what his or her dreams are, talk now. When you know what the other is chasing, you can chart the right course together.

We might not be bendy like Woodyard and Platt, and we might not even have enough money to travel, but we live by these rules that make our love epic. Our next adventure is on the horizon and we are excited to pack up and depart for the spectacular unknown.

What makes your love epic?


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