Once in a blue moon, good relationship advice for women

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Nighttime - DreamsToday’s cosmic event isn’t a blue moon, but it is a total lunar eclipse, which is pretty rare. In fact, if you managed to get up early enough – and are in the right part of the world (New England) – you should have been able to see the sunrise and a total eclipse of the moon at the same time!

The partial eclipse of the moon started at 5:14 AM EST and the total eclipse was at 6:25 AM EST. The lighter the day becomes, the harder it will be to see the eclipse.

With all this lunar-speak, you might be wondering what it has to do with relationship advice for women, right?

So, what’s the secret to love?

Lots of ladies believe that love – true love – comes along only once in a blue moon. And while this may very well be true, it doesn’t have to be a massive challenge, as long as you’ve found out what the secret to love really is.

Before you can really love anyone else though, you have to really love yourself.

This simple, often overlooked, piece of advice is no joke (even though it may sound like one to some of you). And it’s hard – really hard. Think about all the times you’ve beaten yourself up over something silly or a wrong decision you may have made? How often do you judge yourself harder than you would anyone else? How long have you been mad at yourself for that one terrible relationship?

As soon as you learn to be a little more gentle and forgiving of yourself, you will find it a little easier to love yourself. This is not the same thing as being selfish. Remember, you can’t care for someone – or help them – unless you care for yourself – and help yourself – first.

So, when you wake up tomorrow, look in the mirror and just say, “I love you.” Even if this seems silly, you’ll soon realize that you mean it, and you’ll realize that the moon isn’t so blue after all.



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