Once Upon a Time and Frozen Relationship Issues

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heartSunday evening marked the return of one of the most adored television shows – ABC’s Once Upon a Time and the writers have incorporated the wildly popular Frozen mythology into the storyline.

In the opening sequence of the Season 4 premiere, the viewer is led into the world of Elsa and Anna’s backstory, giving us an idea as to why Elsa may have become known as the “Ice Queen.”

The season premiere wasn’t all iced over though – there were plenty of other fairytale romance appearances as well. We caught a glimpse of Rumpelstiltskin and Belle’s Beauty and the Beast honeymoon; we saw Emma push Captain Hook away, despite her affection for him and we can only imagine that Regina will be stepping back into her role as Evil Queen now that Robin Hood’s beloved Maid Marion has returned.

This season’s first episode has viewers hungry for more swashbuckling, magic and love conquering all.

So, if you’re having relationship issues, where is your happy ending?

Recreating true intimacy

A relationship without intimacy isn’t really a relationship, is it? If you and you partner truly love each other, it’s possible to get your romantic fairytale back – it just takes a little work. Remember, a relationship isn’t about one person completing the other, despite what many romantic comedies may lead you to believe. It’s about learning from each other – so don’t be afraid to hold onto your individuality. Without that, you are incomplete regardless of whether you’re in love or not.

It’s important to be comfortable being alone, so practice spending time with yourself. You know that adage, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” Well, it holds some truth. If you’re around each other 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, how can you get to know yourself or see your partner for who he or she really is?

Your main focus in recreating intimacy in your relationship should be on giving love. True happiness isn’t about feeling good about yourself because someone loves you, but how well you love those most important to you. You may find that the more deeply you love, the more deeply you are loved in return.

Remember, if you want to combat relationship issues, you might want to follow Elsa’s advice and “let it go” – let go of expectations and demands. Let go of constant togetherness. Let go of your dependence on your partner. Give yourself the freedom to love and be loved!


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