Online Dating Tips from Hit Show ‘New Girl’?

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render of chating person with laptopStruck out with Tinder? No luck with eHarmony? You may not be getting the right online dating tips if that’s the case. Maybe you should turn your attention to Fox’s hit television series ‘New Girl’ instead.

The show follows a group of six friends, five of whom live together as roommates, through their trials and tribulations of life and love. Some of them have even dated each other – think back to the much-loved coupledom of Jess and Nick or the slightly awkward relationship between Schmidt and Cece. Based on these ultimately doomed romances, one might not consider ‘New Girl’ as a show that reveals the secrets of a long-lasting relationship. Until now, that is!

In the most recent episode of the 30-minute comedy Schmidt (Max Greenfield) introduces Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to a new dating app called Dice. He agrees to be her “Dice Yoda” and help her avoid dating a weirdo! And yes, what ensues is awkwardly hilarious – Schmidt helps Jess escape many a failed date throughout the show.

Life doesn’t always imitate art – or the other way around

Unless you want to learn how to co medically run out on a date that’s gone sour, ‘New Girl’ might not actually be your go-to source for love advice. But if that’s your thing, good for you!

Dating apps and websites have made it a lot easier – and faster – to get a date instead of meeting someone the old fashioned way. But, there’s a way to do it right, otherwise you might be attracting the wrong type of people. First off, the profile – write a clear, concise profile that exudes who you are without getting too detailed. People want to scan through the information and make a quick decision – they can get to know you later!

The profile isn’t the only thing that you’ve got to deal with – choosing the right picture and user name also helps. Avoid pictures with other people or too many props, and always remember to use a recent photo. You don’t want to disappoint when you meet in person! Your user name should also be simple and not too suggestive – and never use your real name for online dating security purposes.

The trick to successful online dating is to not get too invested. Have fun with it and always use your common sense – and if the situation demands, you might need your own Schmidt to get out of that awkward first date!


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