Essential Dating Advice for Men

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Love Dating Represents Compassionate Adoration And FondnessWhat do women really want? In the 2000 film ‘What Women Want’ Mel Gibson’s character is able to miraculously read women’s minds – which gets him pretty far in his romantic endeavors. But, real guys don’t have the luxury of reading women’s minds and often just don’t get it. So what’s a guy to do?

Here are some essential dating tips for men – follow these and you won’t be sorry!

Pay attention – that means listen to her!

Simply nodding your head and agreeing with her every comment just doesn’t cut it. She’ll know. Guys have got to pay attention and listen more to what their dates are saying. You can’t have a meaningful relationship without meaningful interactions and conversations. Offer your opinion and thoughts – be an active participant in the conversation!

Come up with a plan

Having a plan doesn’t mean always ordering her meals and deciding what to do. It simply means that sometimes she is going to want you to take charge. You don’t always have to do what she wants to do when you go out. Sure, she’ll appreciate that you go shoe shopping with her for four hours on Sunday, but she’s smarter than that – she knows you don’t love it! Suggest something new for the two of you to do every once in a while.

Flirt – and then flirt some more!

The dying art of flirting can go a long way, but only when you’re flirting with the girl you’re dating! If you aren’t sure how to flirt, it can be disastrous and seemingly creepy. Flirting often involves mastering your timing, diction, and expressions. Some guys have it and some guys don’t. But, don’t worry, if she’s into it, you’ll figure it out! Just keep things playful and fun.

Don’t give up your interests

Having a girlfriend doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the things you enjoy doing. In fact, she may appreciate you opening up the doors of opportunity for her and showing her something new. Perhaps she’s never been to a baseball game – take her! Women typically become bored with men who don’t have any interests of their own.

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