Dating advice for women about how to find your knight in shining armor

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Crown Jewels__1416580669_212.67.122.150This week, Disney premiered the trailer for its upcoming live-action feature film Cinderella, and it’s pretty magical. Although there are no singing mice, the movie does star Lily James of Downton Abbey fame as the cinder-girl-turned-princess.

The movie, scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2015, maintains all the memorable moments of the original story – the horrible stepmother and stepsisters, a fairy godmother, glass slippers, and a midnight curfew – but it also gives viewers a little back-story into Cinderella’s life. We get to meet her parents.

As romantic as it might be, Cinderella doesn’t really offer any real dating advice for women. We’ve got a few things to keep in mind if you still haven’t found your knight in shining armor.

Real dating advice for women

Lots of ladies find it hard to meet the man of their dreams. After all, hardly any of us have a fairy godmother ready to turn a pumpkin into a sports car and send us to that hot new club where we’re sure to find our prince.

Believe it or not, there are some strategies that real women can follow to meet men and hopefully find “the one”. Are you ready for some sound dating advice for women?

  1. Go where the guys are. Although it’s not always recommended to meet someone in a bar, heading to a sports bar on game day might not be a bad place to start. There will be plenty of guys to choose from, so get ready!
  2. Participate in the event. No, we’re not saying you need to join your town’s local football league, but we are saying that you should engage. If you’re watching a game at a bar, for example, keep the vibe positive and make commentary related to the event. Back up your comments with the light research you’ve done in advance!
  3. Be open to light flirtation. If a guy is attracted to you, even during a sports game, chances are he’s going to try to flirt. If you’re open to it, join in! Don’t be bashful about trading witty comments or fun banter. It’s part of the game – of dating.
  4. He’s got friends. If you’ve met a guy and hit it off, but it’s only in a platonic way, that’s okay. Remember, he’s probably got a bunch of friends, one of whom might be your romantic match!

So if you haven’t met your own knight in shining armor, keep these tips in mind. And tell us, have you ever gone to a sports bar with the intention of finding a boyfriend? How did it work out?

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