Dating advice from who? Charles Manson!?

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Prison __1416476527_212.67.122.150Love is in the air for Charles Manson. Yes… we’re talking about that Charles Manson – the charismatic and slightly skewed pied piper of the 1960s murderous hippie movement. 26-year-old Star Burton is the lucky (and we use that term loosely) bride-to-be.

Although the wedding date hasn’t been set yet, the 80-year-old convicted killer applied for a marriage license with Burton earlier in November. The couple has about 90 days before it expires, so nuptials are likely in the near future, if they happen at all. We wonder what kind of dating advice you get for wooing a crazed lunatic who has been behind bars for decades!

All joking aside, you might be wondering – along with your mother, grandmother, friends, and everyone else in the world – if Charles Manson can get married, then why not you? Is there some sort of secret dating advice that you’ve not been made privy to?

Hey, why aren’t you married?

If you’re still single and have reached a certain age, many of your friends and family probably ask you why you aren’t married. You might get this question even more frequently if you’re dating someone; after all, the potential for a wedding is even greater if you’re in a relationship. However, the truth is that there is nothing wrong with not getting married.

You can enjoy a loving, enriching romantic relationship without ever tying the knot. Some people choose to marry young, and sometimes it works out. Other people wait until they’re older and wiser. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Regardless, the question will still come up and it’s important to know that there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not married!

The truth is that you might have a really good reason for not getting married. Here are a few:

  • You’re happy with the life you’re living. You’re single and loving it. You’re dating and it’s great. You’re happy, so why change it? It’s not against the law to stay single.
  • Weddings are expensive so you’re saving up. Sometimes, getting married costs more money than a couple has to spend. Not everyone has parents who will cover the bills. Let’s be real, people.
  • You’re not ready. Tying the knot is a big deal and is a very grown-up move. Sometimes people need to do a little growing up before they commit themselves to another person, especially if they might one day have a family.
  • You just don’t want to. Enough said!

The takeaway here is that just because Charles Manson is getting married, it doesn’t mean that you have to. So tell us, why aren’t you married?

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