Dating someone different? Relationship advice

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Single red heartBradley Cooper is making his Broadway debut as Joseph Merrick in The Elephant Man. The play will be in previews at the Booth Theatre starting on November 7, with the official opening date next month.

Based on actual events, the play follows Merrick, a 19th century British man who suffered from extensive disfigurement and became a star after joining a traveling freak show. A doctor takes him under his wing and learns that Merrick is incredibly intelligent despite his deformity.

The play follows Merrick’s story as all of Victorian high society becomes enthralled with him, including a beautiful actress. This begs the question: what sort of relationship advice is there for people who want to date someone who is completely different from themselves?

Do opposites really attract?

It seems to be an underlying phenomenon that opposites attract, but is that really true for long-lasting relationships? Lots of movies play up the idea that we are attracted to those who are fundamentally different from ourselves, but is this really true?

A person who has a completely different personality, line of work, religion, and appearance might seem very exciting. Many of us are drawn to newness, which can be intoxicating. However, according to quite a few studies, opposites don’t really attract.

Based on the scientific evidence, some very sound advice on a relationship might actually be to find someone who is very similar to yourself. Dating someone who is similar to you might actually make it easier on the relationship, especially if you end up moving in together or even getting married.

However, the similarity really needs to go beyond sharing ideas and opinions. It really comes down to having similar personality traits. For example, if you are perpetually cheerful and your partner is a true pessimist, it could get tiring after a few years and really grate on the relationship.

Remember, relationships take a lot of work and plenty of compromise. The more similar you are to each other, the easier this will usually be because less compromising will be required. This does not mean that opposite individuals can’t make a relationship work; it just takes a lot of effort, time, and dedication to each other.

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