Getting the love you want, just like George Clooney

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LoveIf you haven’t already heard, the world’s most eligible bachelor won’t be holding said title for very much longer. George Clooney is slated to marry Amal Alamuddin in the next couple of days in Venice.

And, oh what an affair it will be. City officials in Venice, Italy, where the nuptials are to take place, are actually shutting down the sidewalks and streets surrounding the 16th Century Cavalli Palace to protect the megastar’s privacy. Does anyone remember George mentioning that he would never get married again? Guess he’s going all out, since after this he really may be married forever!

Marriage advice from George Clooney?

Getting the love you want may not result in a wedding as glamorous as Mr. Clooney’s, but your event may be just as dear.

How do you go about building a successful marriage in the first place though?

Lots of young lovers look forward to getting married, but may be a little nervous when it comes to taking that dive. After all, divorce rates are higher today than they ever have been. The secret to a marriage that lasts is, of course, love, friendship, and trust, but there are other things to look for. In fact, making a premarital checklist can be helpful in making sure things last.

A checklist

Sure, when planning a wedding you’ll need a checklist: the date, the guest list, the venue, flowers and the honeymoon. But before you even get that far, there are other considerations. Here are some things you should ask yourself before tying the knot:

  • How old are you? Studies have shown that the younger a couple marries, the more likely they are to split up. Try and wait until you’re both over the age of 21.
  • Are you finished with school? Those without a college education tend to enter marriages that end in divorce. Even if you’ve gone to college for just a year or two, individuals with higher education tend to marry and divorce less.
  • How long have you been together? If you haven’t dated for at least three full months, don’t get married! Give it time. After all, if you’re getting married, the idea is to stick together through thick and thin – for the rest of your lives. You’ve got time.
  • Do you share common goals and values? Sure, opposites attract, but if you don’t agree on the final destination in life, what’s the point? You can’t be on a rewarding and enriching journey if you aren’t traveling along the same path. Be sure to discuss where you want to be in the next few decades before saying, “I do.”

Sadly, the divorce rate is almost at 50% these days, so couples should really seriously consider the consequences of getting married first before taking the plunge. Being as pragmatic as possible (as un-romantic as it sounds) is often the best way to ensure that the marriage lasts.

Wonder if George Clooney and his lucky lady had their own premarital checklist – makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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